Books to Help Kids with Autism or Asperger’s – Roar Brave and Strong Series

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Books to Help Kids with Autism or Asperger’s – Roar Brave and Strong Series

Roar Brave and Strong,” says the adorable, little dinosaur on the info sheet that came with a set of three children’s book. These are the first three books in the Roar Brave and Strong series written by Hazel Reeves and illustrated by Jay Morris. The cute dinosaur named Roar is the main character. The books are to help high functioning kids with autism or Asperger’s syndrome.

The author, a mom with a daughter who has autism, wants children to know it’s okay to do things differently. The marketing material announces that Roar the Little Dinosaur books and resources help celebrate the fantastic characteristics and qualities found in kids with autism or Asperger’s sydrome. Like Roar who uses her special talents, the children will be made aware that they too may have unique abilities and special interests.

Books for Kids with Autism or Asperger’s

Each of the three books in the set has a similar format which their target audience should appreciate as many children with autism or Asperger’s thrive on routines and sameness.  It is suggested that Hello, Roar, Little Dinosaur, which introduces Roar to the children, be read first.

Roar's Creating, Let's Get Making! Book for kids with autism or Asperger'sThese are the books in the set that was launched in June 2012 with the positive message found in each one:

  • Hello Roar, Little Dinosaur – You are special. You’re unique.
  • Roar’s Creating, Let’s Get Making! – You can create. You’re one smart dinosaur.
  • Come on Roar, Let’s Explore! – You are a clever dinosaur.

The book description in says it beautifully, “Roar has many great qualities including honesty, determination, attention to detail, exceptional memory and a sense of humour. Roar helps children move from feeling, I’ve got it wrong!” to saying, “This is me. I’m okay”.

In the inside cover, there are great ideas for sharing the books. I like their suggestion to have the child tell you as you read along what he likes doing. Then by repeating their answer and making a connection with what Roar likes doing it reinforces that it is okay to be different.

Each small book  has 36 pages. Most pages are in a variety of soft, pastel colors and not that white color some children have problems tolerating. The text is in a pleasing font and the right size for young readers. On the left hand pages the text is usually only four lines in a rhyming pattern. It is written in the third person and the words are those of a narrator.

The example of text that follow are found in the first book, Hello Roar Little DinosaurCome on Roar, Let's Explore! Book for kds with autism.

Roar is clever,

Roar is wise.

She loves to sort

By shape and size.

On each right hand page, the font used looks more like a child’s printing. This side is written in the first person and each rhyming passage is in quotation marks showing they are the words of Roar the little dinosaur.

“Come and play,

play my game.

I like games

to stay the same.”

Series of books for kids with autism or Asperger'sThe detailed illustrations by Jay Morris are adorable! Each right hand page has almost the whole page covered in an illustration that supports the text helping greatly in the comprehension of the story.  There is a good balance between text and illustration.

A Special Feature I Like

A unique feature of each book is the tiny picture found on the left pages. The readers are encouraged to find the tiny picture in the main picture on the right. Most children will be able to succeed with this activity as attention to details is one of the strong characteristics of the target audience. This framing for success is a great way to boost the child’s self-esteem.

I highly recommend Roar the Little Dinosaur  series to improve the self-esteem of children with autism or Asperger syndrome.  The books will also help siblings, classmates and teachers to appreciate the strengths of the child with autism or Asperger syndrome. The message learned is that being different or unique should be a cause for celebration! Roar has many characteristics that the child with an ASD can identify with. I can see the young fans of the Roar books will eagerly be awaiting the next set of books.

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Hazel Reeves and illustrator Dave McTaggart teamed up to bring you the second set in the Roar Brave and Strong Series. They were released April 4th, 2013. These are the three new titles:Roar logo - Three More Books to Help Autistic Kids and their Friends - Roar Brave and Strong Series

  • Roars in Shorts, Let’s Play Sports
  • Roars Strumming, Let’s Get Humming
  • Roars About, Let’s Go Out

Visit their  web site. Facebook page,

Hazel Reeves, author of children's books on autism and mom of child with autismAbout the Author

Hazel Reeves  Hazel wrote the Roar books to enable herself and her family to focus on the talents of her youngest daughter, who has autism. She believes there is a need to keep ‘turning on its head’ the challenge of living with autism so that we can celebrate this unique way of thinking.

About the Illustrator

Jay Morris  Jay’s love of all things creative is expressed not only through her detailed illustrations, but also in craft work, which she shares with her four children, local schools, workshops and exhibitions. When not being creative, Jay works as a vet.

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