Early chapter Book on Accepting Differences – Slime & All by Janet Ann Collins

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Early chapter Book on Accepting Differences – Slime & All  by Janet Ann Collins

When Janet Ann Collins wrote to tell me about her books, I suggested she introduce our readers in a guest post to one of her books that would benefit and be enjoyed by children with special needs.  She told me that Slime & All isn’t actually about Special Needs, although there’s a similarity to the way the worm is shunned in the beginning and the way some people with Special Needs are treated. Yes, books about being shunned, which is a very hurtful way to bully others, is a topic our children with different needs must know about and learn to handle.

Signs of Trouble, another book written by Janet Ann Collins, is introduced in another guest post here.  Signs of Trouble  is about kids with learning disabilities who get separated from their class on a field trip.

When I started to read about Janet Ann Collins, her childhood, her career, and her fostering of children I knew she was a person you would like to know also. Folks at Special Needs Book Review thank, Ms. Collins for the following guest post.

Slime & All – Early Chapter Book on Accepting Differences

Slime & All is an early chapter book written at second grade reading level, but children from four to eight years old will enjoy the story. It’s about a giant, slimy worm named Lump who is lonely. Everyone is afraid of him because he’s different. But eventually Lump meets a boy who becomes his friend and introduces him to other kids.  Besides helping kids learn to read, I hope this book will encourage them to befriend others who are different from themselves, such as those with Special Needs.

About the Illustrator

Alex Morris wanted to be an artist since he was in Middle School. As a student there and in High School he was always doodling in class. He studied art in college and created cartoon characters, many of them based on himself or people he knew. Then he got a job as an illustrator and Kevin Collier connected him with Guardian Angel Publishing and he has illustrated quite a few books for them, including Slime & All.

Janet Ann Collins author of Slime & All a book on accepting differencesAbout the Author

When Janet Ann Collins was eleven years old she was sent to a convalescent home for six weeks because of her severe, chronic asthma. While there she met other kids with various special needs and her life was changed forever. As a teenager she volunteered with a summer program for “crippled children.” As a young adult she learned American Sign Language, became an Instructional Counselor at California School for the Deaf, and married a Sign Language Interpreter. She and her husband raised three Deaf foster sons with various special needs.

Collins is now a substitute teacher and has worked in many Special Education classrooms. She used to write feature articles for a newspaper in the San Francisco Bay Area, her work has appeared in many other periodicals, and she is the author of four books for children. She has two grandchildren and four foster grandchildren.

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Book About Kids with Learning Disabilities- Signs of Trouble by Janet Ann Collins

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  • Nancy Stewart

    Great review of a book with an important message. Jan has a special way of treating delicate subjects with warmth and humanity, and she has done it again! Kudos to her!

    • Lorna d’Entremont

      Nancy Stewart pleased you took the time to leave a comment. Yes, kudos to Janet Ann Collins for her wonderful early chapter books!

  • Susan Hornbach

    What a wonderful inspiring review. Jan, and her books, are so very special.

    • Lorna d’Entremont

      Thanks Susan Hornbach for your comment. Happy that you found our Special Needs Book Review site!

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