“Your Child,” Jennifer Shaw’s Song For Children with Special Needs

“Your Child,” Jennifer Shaw’s Song For Children with Special Needs

Top 40 Billboard artist Jennifer Shaw debuted her latest music video from her new album, Someday, this past weekend on Focus on the Family’s “I Am Pro-Life” Facebook page to over half a million followers. Produced and directed by Jeffrey Kubach whose credits include the hit television shows “Survivor” and “Burn Notice,” the video of the song “Your Child” features real-life photos and videos of special needs families from across the country. Shaw, whose own son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, invited special needs parents via her website and social networks to send in their photos and stories. Shaw says the response was overwhelming.

“I was truly astonished at the number of photos we received,” says Shaw.  “We read so many heart-wrenching stories and I wish all of them could have been included in the final edit.  It is our hope that this video will show people that children with special needs are not burdens; they are valued gifts of life that deserve to be treated with respect.  We wrote this song especially for the parents of special needs kids who sacrifice so much to make their children’s lives happy and productive.”

Life Not Typical by Jennifer ShawShaw’s son, Toby, was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder(SPD) at an early age which is chronicled in Shaw’s first book, Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed my Faith and my Song.  SPD is closely aligned with autism in that every autistic child has some form of SPD. In many cases, SPD is misdiagnosed as ADD or ADHD. One study estimated that 1 in 20 children in the U.S. are affected by the disorder. Shaw’s book was recently added to the Resource Library of Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. Shaw will be a special guest on the Family Life Today radio show in the coming weeks as well as being featured on Insight for Living Ministries.

Shaw’s new CD, Someday, has already birthed three music videos, including a song entitled “To Be Love” which is being used as a theme song by Remember Nhu, an organization that exists to prevent the exploitation of children in the sex trade industry throughout the world.  Shaw wrote the song after traveling to Thailand to visit young girls rescued by Remember Nhu. Someday by  Jennifer Shaw

With degrees in both piano and vocal performance, Shaw completed her graduate work in opera performance at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music.  A former professor at Cedarville University, Shaw has garnered a #3 hit song on the national Inspirational radio charts.  For more information on Jennifer Shaw and to view the “Your Child” video, visit www.JenniferShaw.com.

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Lorna d’Entremont: Co-owner of SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. the company behind KidCompanions Chewelry (2007) and SentioCHEWS (2013), mother of three, grandma of 5 and wife. She is a retired teacher and special needs advocate. Throughout she has taught all levels from grade 2 to grade 9. Lorna loved teaching and enjoyed seeing the students progress in the school system. During her 30 year career she took a few years off to raise her three children.
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      Yes, April Shea, Jennifer Shaw has a beautiful voice and the words to her song are so touching! Thanks for leaving a comment.