Roar the Little Dinosaur by Hazel Reeves Shortlisted for the Education Resources Awards

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Roar the Little Dinosaur by Hazel Reeves Shortlisted for the Education Resources Awards

Special Needs Book Review congratulates Hazel Reeves author of children’s book on autism, Roar the Little Dinosaur series. We just received excellent news from Ms. Reeves announcing that Roar the Little Dinosaur has been shortlisted for the Education Resources Awards. And guess what? Our review of Reeves children’s books that help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Asperger’s syndrome may have helped because it was included in the publisher’s submission.

Children’s Books on Autism Shortlisted for the Education Resources Awards

Roar the Little Dinosaur  books and resources, published by , help celebrate the fantastic characteristics and qualities found in kids with autism or Asperger’s syndrome.  Like Roar who uses her special talents, the children will be made aware that they too may have unique abilities and special interests. What are the Education Resources Awards?

From the Education Resources Awards site we learn, “Organised by Brilliant Marketing Solutions and The British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), The Education Resources Awards (ERA) are now in their 15th year and are firmly established as the premier annual event to celebrate outstanding success for the suppliers and teaching professionals of the education sector throughout the UK.

Hazel Reeves, author of children's books on autism and mom of child with autismThe awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services and people as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession. The ERA’s aims to encourage the raising of educational services & product standards throughout the industry and is recognized throughout the sector as the Accolade of excellence.”

There are 18 Education Resources Award categories. Winners will be announced at a gala event to be held at The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on the second evening of The Education Show: Friday 15th March 2013.

The author, Hazel Reeves,  has a great big thank you for Special Needs Book Review that had a part in helping Roar the Little Dinosaur on her journey into many homes and schools. Good luck Hazel Reeves! We will be rooting for you and Roar this side of the Atlantic!

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