Understanding Samantha: A Sibling’s Perspective of Autism by Dustin Daniels

Understanding Samantha: A Sibling’s Perspective of Autism by Dustin Daniels

I was pleased to learn about Dustin Daniel’s 24 page book, Understanding Samantha: A Sibling’s Perspective of Autism”. Mr. Daniel’s book is for siblings of children with autism but what is different in this book than many that I have seen is that his characters are older children. They are based on his own two children 15-year old Haley, who has High-Functioning Autism/Asperger syndrome, and a 14-year old son Michael.

Who is Mr. Daniels target audience? Understanding Samantha: A Sibling’s Perspective of Autism is a book for a young children dealing with a sibling with special needs or autism. It is sure to be helpful and will be a great resource for elementary classrooms, health care professional waiting rooms, and all libraries. Other family members and friends of families with children on the autism spectrum will appreciate this book also.

Guest Post by Dustin Daniels: Understanding Samantha:

A Sibling’s Perspective of Autism

Description of my book:
David is the younger sibling to his sister Samantha, who has autism. He is learning to understand her differences and decides to help her through a difficult time, by empathizing what her world is like. In the end, he has a better understanding of his sister’s sensory issues. Sensitizing readers to an internal view of the autistic condition, as well as the family dynamic, this book offers a valuable, warming perspective.

I wrote this book because there aren’t many books showing how a brother or sister deals with a special needs sibling. Many times they have to be more responsible and help with their disabled sibling. Sometimes they may feel isolated from friends or embarrassed with the way their sibling acts. They are the quite heroes that many times have to grow up a little faster and often ‘take a backseat’ to any issues that maybe happening at any particular time with their sibling. I wrote this book to recognize these children.

The audience for this book is very broad. Considering autism affects 1 in 88 people now, most people know someone with the disability. This is a way to shed some light on the autistic condition, that many outside the immediate family may not see. It can help to educate relatives, friends of a sibling, or any caretakers of someone that wants a better understanding of autism. With that, the ages for this book are anywhere from elementary school to adult.

Excerpts from Understanding Samantha:

 A Sibling’s Perspective of Autism

Because of her autism, sometimes Samantha gets anxious and doesn’t know how to use the right words to tell us that she needs a break. When this happens she gets distracted by something else and it usually puts a stop to what we are doing.


I decide that tonight is going to be different. I try to think like Samantha, and what I could do to help her relax more. While my sister is running around the house, I go into her bedroom and look around. I try to figure out how to make her environment more peaceful for her.


The first thing I notice is that the room is illuminated with the bright yellow rays of the afternoon sunlight coming in through the window. I remember that Samantha is more sensitive to light than most people…

Dustin Daniels author of Understanding Samantha: A Sibling's Perspective of AutismAbout the Author:
Dustin Daniels was born and raised in Northern California. He is a graphic designer, computer expert and single-father, with a dream of writing children’s books. He volunteers in Special Olympics and resides with his 15 year old daughter, Haley who has High-Functioning Autism, and his 14 year old son, Michael in Henderson, Nevada.

Bio of the illustrator:
Jaehyun Lamia Bae is a award-winning illustrator/comic book artist in both Korea and U.S. She is also a certified art therapist in Korea.

My book is self-published on CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. I originally wrote this in 2010 and went to several publishers and was turned down before deciding to find an illustrator myself and self-publish it. It is now available in print, iPad, Nook and Kindle versions as well as an ePub version on my site: www.UnderstandingSamantha.com .

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