Online Music Therapy Relaxation Recording for Autism: “Rooted In Music” by Esther Thane

Online Music Therapy Relaxation Recording for Autism: “Rooted In Music” by Esther Thane

We are always happy to learn about parenting books or products for helping parents with special needs children. Esther Thane’s guest post is to introduce our readers to her work in Music Therapy and her Rooted in Music: A Relaxation Package for Stress Release and Self-Regulation.

Esther Thane’s Rooted in Music is beneficial for children with autism, parents, siblings or extended family of this child. Therapists can use Rooted in Music during their sessions as well as classroom aides and behavioral interventionists. One user said Esther Thane’s product is easily adapted to the work she does with seniors, experiencing chronic pain and anxiety.

Raising a child with autism can be very stressful for the child and for other family members. Every day the challenges of sensory issues or interaction with others can be overwhelming for many with special needs; therefore, learning to use Rooted in Music as a self-regulation tool would be very beneficial.  Rooted in Music: A Relaxation Package for Stress Release and Self-Regulation may be just what caregivers, siblings, and the individual with autism all need.

We are updating this post. Sept. 19th 2016 and the following is part of a blog post by Esther Thane posted June 12th 2016 titled “To the Beat of his Own Drum: Why Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Love Music”. 

…First of all, children with autism (ASD) seem to enjoy musical experiences because they are often “good at it”. This isn’t just pertaining to musical savants, which is a less common occurrence. Current findings do show that children with ASD perform better at certain musical skills than typical children. For example, their memory recall of music is quick, especially when coupled with lyrics. Some can recite or sing a song after only one or a few listening experiences.

Songs can be powerful for children with ASD. A song is like a house and home. A house provides safety, shelter and security for a child. A home provides security, comfort and develops self- identity/confidence out of daily routines, rituals and constancy. A song supplies all of these requirements for the child with ASD. It has a structure that doesn’t change. Its rhythms, lyrics and melodies are constant. Songs can therefore be ritualistic. Their structure can be something a child can rely on, anticipate, and predict with ease and familiarity. When children with ASD are listening to or making music, they can live within the container of space and time that music offers. It can extend their focus for long periods of time. Ask yourself this: when you listen to your favorite album or go to a concert you love, does your perception of time change? Does it speed up or slow down? Why do people listen to music on long road trips or during fitness regimes? It makes the time go faster. Music definitely has the ability to alter our perception of time.

Children with ASD elevate their self-confidence through musical experiences. When we feel at ease and comfortable with an experience, and have the freedom to direct our own learning, we become more interested & more successful (for whatever that may mean for each individual). That in turn bolsters our self-confidence further and we are more likely to try something challenging…

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Guest Post by Esther Thane

Online Music Therapy Relaxation Recording for Autism:

Rooted In Music

This relaxation package, Rooted in Music,  includes 4 relaxation recordings of varying lengths, and a PDF Instruction booklet.  It is a resource for parents of children with Autism, therapists, family members etc.  Rooted in Music can be an effective tool for children and adults alike!  This original composition is based on 17 years of clinical practice and is published in the book: Voicework in Music Therapy.

Why Relax?

  • Does your child exhibit anxious behavior?
  • Does your child have trouble sleeping?
  • Does your child respond positively to deep pressure?
  • Does your child respond to music?

As a parent of a child with autism:

  • Do you seem to always feel tired?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating?
  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
  • Do parts of your body feel perpetually tensed (jaw, shoulders, neck, tension headaches)?

When to use these relaxations:

  • As a wind down activity at bedtime to encourage sleep
  • After school or other activities to de-stress
  • In the car for distraction

For the child with Autism and his family, there is often daily stress of navigating through the challenges of interaction and an overwhelming sensory input.  Providing opportunities to simply “be” in the moment, and live in the rhythm for a while can help your child feel calmer, more relaxed.  It can reduce anxiety and bring attention and focus to his body and mind. Add this relaxation to your child’s “bag of self-regulation tricks”!  This relaxation is also for you to enjoy, along with your child or independently.

ET MUSIC THERAPY IS AN ESTABLISHED MUSIC THERAPY PRACTICE, SERVING THE METRO VANCOUVER AREA FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS. ET Music Therapy is based on one simple principle: Music is one of the most motivating and effective mediums for building strong connections with individuals with Autism and other special needs.


 Esther Thane author of Online Music Therapy Relaxation Recording for Autism- “Rooted In Music” About the Author

Esther Thane, BMT, MTA.  I am an accredited music therapist, specializing in Autism & Special Needs for almost two decades. ET Music Therapy’s team provides in center, in home, school based, and group homes services to pre-school children- adults I am Vice President of Sales at Mundo Pato Inc. We are a therapy intelligence company, with UnitusTI- an innovative Electronic data records system for independent consultants, therapy centers, schools, and therapists. Three curricula are hosted on the UnitusTI platform- 1) ASCEND ABA curriculum, 2) ENGAGE Social Skills Group Curriculum, 3) MEET IN THE MUSIC Music Therapy curriculum.

Publication in the book: “Voicework in Music Therapy”, focuses on an innovative method of Vocal-Led Relaxation for Children with Autism. These Relaxation Recordings are available for download at, in addition to an online music therapy course for parents of children with Autism.

Please feel free to contact me: or

Visit my website: and Mundo Pato at

 Rooted in Music: A Relaxation Package for Stress Release and Self-Regulation: Buy here

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