Patch Land Adventures – Children’s Books About Wearing an Eye Patch by Carmen Swick

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Patch Land Adventures  – Children’s Books About Wearing an Eye Patch by Carmen Swick

My granddaughter had one. Some of my students have had some. Our friend’s son had one. What did these children have? They all had a vision problem which necessitated wearing  an eye patch. Wearing an eye patch is not painful but it can surely bring attention to the child.

When our granddaughter arrived with her box of eye patches I was amazed how pretty they were! It was certainly not the black, pirate looking eye patches of a few years back. She could choose a new eye patch each day that matched her clothes or one with  whimsical drawings; however, after a few days, the novelty wore off and to this 4 year old none looked fun to wear. Perhaps if we had had Carmen Swick’s Patch Land Adventure Books this would have encouraged her knowing other children also had problems that could only be fixed by wearing an eye patch.

We thank Carmen Swick for her guest post introducing her first two books in the Patch Land Adventure Series. As a mom, grandmother, and teacher, I know Ms. Swick’s children’s books that put a positive spin on wearing an eye patch will be seen on shelves at doctors’ offices, public and school libraries, and in the hands of the many children each year who must wear an eye patch.

Guest Post by Carmen Swick

Patch Land Adventures

Books for Children on Wearing an Eye Patch


*A description of the books:

Anything is possible in Patch Land.  Little Preston and his dog Beau are challenged by the eye patches they have to wear because of an eye disease, but that does not stop them from doing what they love.  At night, Preston puts his eye patch under his pillow.  When he starts to dream, he and his dog Beau get to go to Patch Land. Everyone including the animals wear eye patches in Patch Land.  They live in a world of fun and adventure and imagination.

The illustrations by Joey Manfre are spectacular and help the story come to life. When young readers join Preston and Beau on their fun-filled adventures, they will feel like they are there with them, cheering them on as they overcome their vision challenges.

*The “purpose” or reason the author wrote it:

I would see the struggles my son would go through while patching, it would break my heart! By writing these books, it would help my son and so many other children, and let them know they can do anything they want! I wanted to bring awareness to low vision, and educate children and adults, why a child may be wearing an eye patch. So many reasons! Another one is, it does help to stop some of the bullying, by bring the book in to the class rooms, and reading to the children!

My son Preston who truly inspired me to write Patch Land Adventures book and turn it into a series. Patching did not stop Preston from doing what he loves! Preston’s diligence in patching to help improve his eyesight was outstanding.  He was committed to the efforts required and pushed ahead through the tough times and set-backs.  I love you and thank you for not giving up

*The target audience: The Patch Land Adventure books are for children ages 4-8.

*Awards won already:

Patch Land Adventures (Book One) “Fishing with Grandpa“,

  • A 2012 SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD –Kids Books category

Patch Land Adventures Book 2 – Camping at Mimi’s Ranch,

  • a 2013 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD –Books for Kids –Health Challenges category

Excerpts from Patch Land Adventures —
Books for Children on Wearing an Eye Patch
  • From SCENE ONE-Book One

“Beau, I am such a lucky boy to have you as my dog. You are also my patch buddy’ Mom says we have to put on our eye patches so our weak eye can get stronger.”
“I don’t want to wear it either but we can do anything with a patch on. Mom says we are going fishing with Grandpa today. Let’s go to the brook, Grandpa.”
“Okay, Preston, but first we need to go outside and dig up some wiggly worms.”
“Grandpa, do we have enough wiggly worms now?”
“Yes, we do. Let’s go fishing.”

  • SCENE THREE- Book Two

“Look, Beau, here we are at Mimi’s ranch. Let’s get out of the car.”Patch Land Adventures Book 2 Camping at Mimi's Ranch by Carmen Swick
“Hi, Mimi. I want to ride Winston.”
“Okay, Preston. Let’s get your cowboy hat and let’s get you up on Winston.”
“Beau, come on and follow Mimi and me.”
“Mimi is going to lead Winston with a lead rope.”
“Giddy up, giddy up, horsy! I can ride a horse with my eye patch on. We can do anything!”
“Preston it is time for Winston to rest now and drink some water.”
“Let me help you down, Winston is a big horse.”
“Mimi, what is wrong with Winston’s eye? It looks like he hurt it.”
“You’re right, Preston. Let’s get grandpa Poppy to look at it. Good thing Poppy is a veterinarian.”

Carmen Swick author of Patch Land Adventures  - Children's Books About Wearing an Eye PatchAbout the Author

Carmen Swick lives in Colorado with her family and enjoys the outdoors and many activities that Colorado has to offer.  She volunteers as President of the Denver Chapter a non-profit organization Foundation Fighting Blindness. For the past 4 years she has been the Chair for the Blind Taste of the Rockies, and in 2012, the Chair for the Denver Vision Walk. Carmen also participates in the Race for the Cure as team captain.

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About the  Illustrator

Joey Manfre is an illustrator and graphic artist with over 15 year professional experience. Based in Northern California, he has worked on everything form fancy wine packaging to funky t-shirts, but has special fondness for illustration books.  Learn more about Joey at

Amblyopia or “Lazy Eye” – Amblyopia is the leading cause of blindness in children. A condition in which a person’s vision does not develop properly in early childhood because the eye and the brain are not working together correctly. Amblyopia, which usually affects only one eye, is also known as “lazy eye.” A person with amblyopia experiences blurred vision in the affected eye. However, children often do not complain of blurred vision in the amblyopic eye because this seems normal to them. Early treatment is advisable, because if left untreated, this condition may lead to permanent vision problems.

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This post was written by Lorna
Lorna d’Entremont: Co-owner of SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. the company behind KidCompanions Chewelry (2007) and SentioCHEWS (2013), mother of three, grandma of 5 and wife. She is a retired teacher and special needs advocate. Throughout she has taught all levels from grade 2 to grade 9. Lorna loved teaching and enjoyed seeing the students progress in the school system. During her 30 year career she took a few years off to raise her three children.