Second Interview Lynette Louise Mental Health and Parenting Therapist Specializing in Autism

Second Interview Lynette Louise Mental Health and Parenting Therapist Specializing in Autism

Our first interview with Lynette Louise was in the Spring of 2013 after writing about her book, MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism.  We entitled our first interview, Interview Lynette Louise: Author, Autism Expert, Mom of Eight, 6 Adopted, 5 Disabled, 4 with Autism”.  Folks at Special Needs Book Review are excited to catch up with this amazing woman and discuss her inspirational picture book, The WingMaker that was just released Nov 25th, 2013.

First I must tell you that Lynette Louise is a speaker, author, performer, popular podcast host, neurofeedback & autism expert, and creator/host/therapist for the international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD, now showing on The Autism Channel. She is also the single mother of eight now grown children. Six were adopted and four were on the autism spectrum. Only one of her sons retains his label and remains dependent.

Lorna: Wow!  I’m taking a deep breath because I hardly know where to begin there are so many aspects of your life that are of interest to our readers. Let’s start with your wonderful rhyming picture book, The WingMaker. Congratulations on a job well done! I loved every word! Tell us on what/who The WingMaker is based?

<<Lynette Louise: I worked with a young girl named Sarah several years ago. She was very challenged and had severe Cerebral Palsy. She was amazing, and her story haunted me for years. I always knew I would have to write the story in order to put it down, but it wasn’t until I knew I could tell it in a way that would actually share with others what playing with Sarah (because that’s how I work, I play) taught me that I felt able to create it.>>

The WingMaker: New Rhyming Picture Book Starring A Girl With Disabilities by By Lynette LouiseLorna: While I was reading The WingMaker, I kept thinking how good this book was not only for children but for all caregivers, health care professionals, and educators to know that each thing they do for others “does make a difference” and this difference is perhaps what tips the scales and makes an unbearable situation easier, more tolerable, liveable…  What comments have you heard about this book that has made the writing process all worthwhile?

<<Lynette Louise: Well, the writing process is always worthwhile: writing is a joyous activity full of challenges and rewards all on its own. But sharing yourself with the world the way I do isn’t always easy. What makes that worthwhile is when moms email me crying and thanking me for showing them that the reason to keep going is because it’s a beautiful way to live… or when dads call me to spill their emotions and gratitude for the first time, admitting they knew an answer to how to help their family existed, they just needed my book to help them find it… also a teacher who told me she hadn’t realized that she was stopping the kids from learning until she read the book…and comments from people who see value in the story for the world at large, comments like yours. These people, and others, remind me that telling my truth and putting myself out there—though sometimes dangerous—is always worth the risk.>>

Lorna: You are creator/host/therapist for the international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD, now showing on The Autism Channel.  Tell us about this reality series.

<<Lynette Louise: I work all over the world helping various brain disordered individuals improve through play and biofeedback, and I always see improvement … always! Because of that, I just had to show what is possible. People are led to believe they are so much more limited than they are. I just had to show it isn’t true, instead of just tell it. I also wanted people to see that religion, culture, location, race, financial status, etc. aren’t the deciding factors in someone’s mental health. Since I specialize in autism I decided to film myself at work with five different families, in five different countries, for five days each. Each primary client has more than one condition, but there is always autism.  With FIX IT IN FIVE, I share a new possibility.>>

Lorna: You only have one grown son still living with you. How is he doing? What services or support does your area have for adults with special needs? In a perfect world what should be available for these individuals whose numbers grow each year?

<<Lynette Louise: I don’t use services or supports. My son lives with me and hangs out with his nephews when I am on the road. His fiancé visits him on the weekends and his life is full of learning. We don’t choose to avail ourselves of many services for special adults, other than groups to go bowling or attend dances with, because they see him as permanently limited. I don’t. In a perfect world everyone would see with my eyes and being mentally different would just be part of the smorgasbord of life.>>

Lorna: Tell us about your web site Brain & Body – teaching the brain to Change Your Life

<<Lynette Louise: Well, the website is just a website of course, but it’s also the place to check out what I’m doing (though we are a little inconsistent about updating it) and how I approach healing. If you choose to teach your brain to be happy, present, balanced and motivated … well you probably changed your life. And, even better, your brain begins to change itself in that direction and those things become easy. I use biofeedback to teach directly to the brain via brain wave related feedback and I use play to teach to behavior. Fact is … doing it my way is so fun you don’t even notice you are learning!>>

Lorna: You are also hosting the radio show A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS!  Inviting surprising guests, together you explore topics (ranging from neuroscience to stand-up comedy) with fun and fascination discovering useful autism answers. Tell us about this radio show.  Saw you had Dr. Temple Grandin as a guest this Fall/2013.

<<Lynette Louise: Yes I was blessed to have Dr Grandin as a guest. We enjoyed chatting while she was at an airport, which is almost home for both of us. I’ve also been blessed by Annie Potts, Patti Stanger, a boy from Uganda and the family I was in the middle of working with, Martin Olson (who writes for Phineas and Ferb and Adventure Time) … my children,  etc etc etc I just ask myself, “What is the community needing right now?” come up with a theme, and ask people to chat with me. Again… it’s fun! >>

Lorna: Thank you so much for finding time in your busy schedule for our Author Interview Series. The best in all your endeavours!  Please give us your links to follow you.

<<Lynette Louise: Thank you for taking time in your equally busy schedule. I appreciate the opportunity to share my projects, and especially my reasons, with your audience.

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Lorna d’Entremont: Co-owner of SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. the company behind KidCompanions Chewelry (2007) and SentioCHEWS (2013), mother of three, grandma of 5 and wife. She is a retired teacher and special needs advocate. Throughout she has taught all levels from grade 2 to grade 9. Lorna loved teaching and enjoyed seeing the students progress in the school system. During her 30 year career she took a few years off to raise her three children.