A Child with Autism Through the Eyes of a Younger Sibling: My Brother Daniel by Jenny Berger

A Child with Autism Through the Eyes of a Younger Sibling: My Brother Daniel by Jenny Berger

Jenny Berger and her husband are raising three sons, one of whom is Daniel and he has autism. When Jenny saw how anxious Daniel’s siblings were to come to the defense of her child with autism and tell their friends or folks in their community the reason Daniel acted differently, she felt a picture book explaining some of the characteristics of a non-verbal child with autism was needed.

The team at Special Needs Book Review thanks Jenny Berger for writing to us about her beautifully written and illustrated children’s book, My Brother Daniel and for taking part in our Author Interview Series.

Here is what is being said about this heart-warming story about a little boy coming to terms with his brother’s autism:

“What a wonderful way to help us understand and accept a special little boy with autism from the eyes of a child in this family. We all need to understand that difference is welcome and worthy of our love and perhaps even more so.
Well done to Jennifer Berger for giving us insight and a beautiful book to read to children with and without a ‘different’ child in the family.” ~ Phyllis Bernstein

My Brother Daniel” gives a beautiful insight into the strangeness that is living with autism. It explains in simple terms the unusual things that autistic children do and how this is not threatening to others. It is lovingly written and beautifully illustrated. A charming, educational book for all families touched by autism!” ~Ayran

“A beautiful book by a beautiful Mum! Fantastic insight into the differences that makes each child special, regardless of the labels we impose upon them. Labels that may colour our perception, but will neither define nor limit their destiny.”~Nina

Guest Post by Jenny Berger

 A Child with Autism Through the Eyes of a Younger Sibling:

My Brother Daniel Daniel Berger - A Child with Autism Through the Eyes of a Younger Sibling:  My Brother Daniel

About the Book

My Brother Daniel is a touching story about a little boy explaining and coming to terms with his brother’s autism.

My son Daniel flaps and spins and shouts. He makes unpredictable movements with strange and disarming noises. But once you know him his strangeness is not so apparent. He is sweet and gentle and he loves to laugh. I have watched my other children try to explain this to people. I love the way they have justified Daniel and I wanted to capture it.

My youngest son would run up to people in the park and say “This is my Brother, Daniel and he is okay, he just can’t talk”.  As a four-year old he didn’t want people to judge Daniel as “weird” or “rude”. He wanted them to understand. Having a child that is so obviously different can be a very isolating experience.  I am heartened by my children’s attempt to help others appreciate Daniel and I felt the need to do the same through this little book.

Target Audience

My Brother Daniel is told in the words of his four year old sibling. Young children (3 -7 years) in families with an autistic child will enjoy this book as will parents and friends of children with disabilities.

Excerpts of My Brother Daniel :My Brother Daniel

“When mum asks me to find Daniel I have to look everywhere because he doesn’t come when I call.”

“He eats crazy stuff like soap and leaves and toilet paper. Yuck! Once he even ate Jonathan’s glow-in-the-dark slime and it was still glowing when it came out of his bum!”

“He says things I can’t understand but he talks to us in his own way. He gives mum his cup when he is thirsty and pulls her to the cupboard when he needs a snack. He sits on her lap when he wants to be close and cries when he is sad.”

“I don’t always know what makes Daniel sad but I know when the lights are too bright, or when our voices are too loud or when he just needs to be by himself. And I always know when Daniel doesn’t want to wear his pants!”

“Mum says Daniel is not like other children but he is ours and we love him just the same. (Maybe even a little bit more).”

Jenny Berger author of A Child with Autism Through the Eyes of a Younger Sibling: My Brother Daniel Author Bio:

Jenny Berger lives in Port Macquarie, Australia with her husband and three sons, including Daniel, on whom the book is based.A Child with Autism Through the Eyes of a Younger Sibling: My Brother Daniel by Jenny Berger




Illustrator Bio: 

The beautiful illustrations were drawn by Australian artist, Bronwyn Deveau from Port Macquarie, New South Wales.

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