The Paxton Series: First Eight Children’s Books On Special Needs and Disabilities by Margie Harding

The Paxton Series: First Eight Children’s Books On Special Needs and Disabilities by Margie Harding

This post introduces you to the beautiful children’s books,”The Paxton Series: On Special Needs and Disabilities” by Margie Harding. Each of the eight books already on the market is dedicated to a specific special need or disability. The author explains, ” The first book of the Paxton Series, Paxton’s World On Fire, does NOT have a character with a special need, but introduces some of the consistent characters we use through out the series. The other seven books each feature a character with the following specific challenges:

  • Premature births
  • Asthma
  • Hearing problems
  • Down syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Reading Difficulties
  • Muscular Dystrophy

“Paxton the Prairie” dog is similar to Winnie the Pooh, in the Pooh books. The first book in the series has him as the main character and after that he ‘shows’ up in each one!  The books are designed for the child with the special need and the one who asks,  “What’s wrong with my friend!”

Margie Harding describes herself as a freelance writer from Maryland who is self-employed. Margie Harding has over twenty publications to her credit. On her LinkedIn page she explains, “Writing is my passion. I believe we are all here for a purpose and given a mission should we choose to accept it! It is my desire to write something fundamentally good, that will encourage, lift up, challenge, or bless someone. If I can accomplish this, I have fulfilled my purpose!”

The team at Special Needs Book Review congratulates Margie Harding on the many books she has penned and thanks her for the following guest post introducing her Paxton Series. Please note that links to buy each book are not at the end of the post as we usually have them but are at the end of each paragraph introducing the books.

Guest Post by Margie Harding

The Paxton Series: On Special Needs and Disabilities

Set One and Set Two

About the Paxton Series:

I wrote these books because our “special needs” children need to know it’s okay to be different!  And our children who interact with their friends who are different from themselves, first, need to understand to some extent what’s going on; but also to know, everyone is different and it’s totally okay!

Target Audience:

The target audience is varied. The books are situational and therefore very readable for children with a special need, or a child who asks, “What’s wrong with my friend?”  They are a great addition to a classroom, library, or home.  It’s written at a second grade level, but very readable to kindergarten and up; especially to any special needs age.



paxtons-world-on-fire - Children's Books On Special Needs and Disabilities by Margie HardingPaxton’s World On Fire

Paxton Prairie Dog saw his world ablaze and knew he had to do something, but what?  Meeting up with his arch enemy, Farrah Ferret, was the last thing he expected.  The adventure that follows shows spirit combined with caring for neighbors as friends work together to try to get everyone out of the burning forest to safety.  Will everyone be saved?  How did the fire start and what happens to their world now?




An Early Arrivalan-early-arrival - Children's Books On Special Needs and Disabilities by Margie Harding

It’s hard for young ones to understand the concept of birth.  What’s worse is when there is a premature birth in the family and the baby can’t come home right away.  “An Early Arrival,” tastefully discusses “where babies come from” after Buffy Buffalo has her new baby, Boaz, and the problems that arise when the birth is early.



the-great-race - Children's Books On Special Needs and Disabilities by Margie HardingThe Great Race

The great race started and Carmelita was leading. She tried to ignore the burning in her chest, and her breathing problems. Carmelita’s attack sets the stage for the friends to learn about asthma and leaves Carmelita to wonder, who won the race?





Ears Like Grampsears-like-gramps - Children's Books On Special Needs and Disabilities by Margie Harding

Hearing is one of our five senses we often take for granted, and children rarely even think about. Owen Owl’s early ear infections cause him more issues than medicine alone can handle. First he breaks his wing after losing his balance doing something he’d done all his life and then he learns he has to have hearing aids. Owen is sure he’s going to have ears, “just like Gramps!” Join Owen as he re-discovers the wonderful world of hearing.


Excerpt From Ears Like Gramps

“What’s a hearing aid?” asked Owen.

“It’s a device worn on or near the ear that allows people to hear. It has a special microphone that picks up sounds that travel through a small plastic tube, that also helps hold the hearing aid in place.”

“You mean like Gramps wears?”

“Yes,” answered Poppa Oren Owl.

“That’s for old people,” said Owen scowling. “I don’t want to wear that. The kids would think I’m weird or something.”

“It’s not a matter of being weird. It’s a matter of hearing or not hearing,” said Poppa.


Lillianna Moves To The Country - Children's Books On Special Needs and Disabilities by Margie HardingLillianna Moves To The Country 

Lillianna’s family moved to the country hoping Lillianna would fit in. Liam Mountain Lion is sure the friends would accept her, even with Down’s syndrome. Is he going to be right or will Lillianna be disappointed?



Micah Mink Goes To A Concert from "The Paxton Series: On Special Needs and Disabilities" by Margie HardingMicah Mink Goes To A Concert

The boy seated next to the friends on the bleachers seems to act so strange. What could make him behave so oddly? The friends learn Micah Mink doesn’t mean to act different. He is autistic. Join the friends as they learn about autism when Whitney Wolf shares a story about her life none of the friends knew.



Mixed Up Words from "The Paxton Series: On Special Needs and Disabilities" by Margie HardingMixed Up Words

Snow knew it would happen. He’d be asked to read aloud in school, and he was right. He hated reading. It never made sense and he was sure he was just plain stupid. How would Snow handle the situation and what would he learn as a result?



Special Goalie from "The Paxton Series: On Special Needs and Disabilities" by Margie HardingSpecial Goalie

Marco knew something was wrong, but when he heard Muscular Dystrophy, he was clearly frightened. Marco remembered his cousin, Marvin. He had Muscular Dystrophy and he ended up in a wheelchair. Could the same thing happen to Marco?



Excerpt From Special Goalie

“NOOOOOO,” shouted Marco, as he burst into the room. “How will I ride my bike or play lacrosse? Marvin is in a wheelchair. I don’t want to be like that! I won’t!”

“Maybe we should take you to the doctor and see what he says,” said Momma Muriel.

“No, I don’t want to go to the doctor! I won’t go. I don’t want him to tell me I have M P or G or whatever it was,” Marco said adamantly, clearly frightened.

“It’s MD for Muscular Dystrophy. And the sooner your momma gets you checked, the sooner we’ll know what to do about it,” said Aunt Malena.

“But Marvin is in a wheelchair now. I don’t want to be like that!”

Margie Harding  The Paxton Series: On Special Needs and Disabilities  Set OneAbout the Author:

Margie Harding is wife to Charles; mother to five grown children; grandmother to fifteen grandchildren; a loyal friend and writer. While not currently enrolled in any formal school environment, she is a perpetual student in a variety of different subjects! She enjoys reading and learning new things. When not writing or reading, you will likely find her quilting!

While having an AA degree in Early Elementary Education, (a degree earned in 2007, with an award for Student of the Year in Education), her passion is creative writing. As a writer, her goal is to write her best and allow God to do the rest! As a born again Christian, she wants her writing to bring glory to God.

She has two weekly blogs; one Christian, “HeartSong” and a second, “Daily Threads” on her own website, which is a secular look at life from the perspective of one trying to live morally and ethically, in a world which seems destined to turn on itself.

She has written a guest blogs, children’s stories, devotions, created countless puzzles/activities; and written Sunday School curriculum for both adults and children. She has four activity books published, a family Advent book (2010),  a novel, “More Than A Mom;” a teen set of devotional/inspirational books for teen girls, “Daily Moments With God;” a Christian Woman’s Journal; and many children’s books including “The Paxton Series,” which can be found at or and a host of other sites!

Stay in touch or get connected with Margie Harding: 

Illustrator, Jennifer Phipps:

Jennifer Phipps grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland, a self-taught artist, and mother of 7 children. Her love for drawing animals dates back to early childhood. Through drawing the illustrations in “The Paxton Series”, she hopes to communicate her love for people, which is deeply rooted in her Christian faith. She also wishes to express the importance of understanding and respecting our neighbors, especially those with special needs.

This post was written by Lorna
Lorna d’Entremont: Co-owner of SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. the company behind KidCompanions Chewelry (2007) and SentioCHEWS (2013), mother of three, grandma of 5 and wife. She is a retired teacher and special needs advocate. Throughout she has taught all levels from grade 2 to grade 9. Lorna loved teaching and enjoyed seeing the students progress in the school system. During her 30 year career she took a few years off to raise her three children.