Children’s Book About Blindness – Tigger And Jasper’s New Home by Cheryl Gillespie

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Children’s Book About Blindness – Tigger And Jasper’s New Home by Cheryl Gillespie

Congratulations to a fellow Canadian who lives in the Maritimes for her heart warming children’s book about blindness! The delightful picture book titled Tigger And Jasper’s New Home by Cheryl Gillespie is brought to life by the colorful illustrations by Michael Allison LeBlanc. Ms. Gillespie, blind from early childhood, has written a touching story about her adoption of two adorable, curious kittens. Teachers, parents, and other caregivers can use this book as an entry point to discuss blindness with children.

Other themes in this story are acceptance of differences and the importance of caring, respect, and support for each other as shown by the characters in Tigger And Jasper’s New Home. This is a book to be read and re-read to savor the skillful use of words and delightful illustrations to convey the story. After the first reading, once the reader knows of the woman’s blindness, re-reading will allow the reader to see how independent and content she is and how this capable woman earns her living by giving piano lessons.

We thank Cheryl Gillespie for a copy of her book, the photos and information to write this post.

Guest Post by Cheryl Gillespie

Tigger And Jasper’s New Home 

A Children’s Book About Blindness

Tigger And Jasper’s New Home is a great story for kids, and at the same time it give children a glimpse inside the life of someone who is blind.

The book introduces blindness to children, and shows that blind people are still people and can still do everything you do, except they may do it differently.

Tigger And Jasper’s New Home is a story of two kittens living on a farm, who are waiting for their forever home.  Soon they are adopted by a young woman named Christie.  Following a few amusing misadventures, the kittens come to realize that Christie, their new guardian, is blind.

Target Audience: 

A collaboration of the story and illustrations, aims to give children ages 4 to 8, a glimpse inside the life of a blind individual.

Excerpt from Tigger And Jasper’s New Home

They arrived to find themselves in the arms of a pretty young woman named Christie.  A caring gentle lady, Christie lived a simple quiet life. She cooked and cleaned each day, but most of all she liked to pass the time by singing and playing the piano.  Christie also loved teaching the talented children who came for their piano lessons.  The kittens sensed that there was something very different about Christie, yet something very special.


Once their tasty supper had ended, the kittens were finally content with bellies quite full. Christie sat rocking back and forth in her comfortable rocking chair as the kittens rested quietly in her lap.  Jasper began bathing herself while Tigger climbed up on Christie’s shoulder.  “I think I understand why Christie is so very unique,” Tigger announced.  The kittens gazed warmly into the caring face and with a velvet paw, patted her pale blue eyes. “What is it?” Jasper asked. “Her eyes don’t work,” answered Tigger “she can’t see us!” Christie paused for a moment wondering. “Hmmm! Isn’t that odd? It’s just as if they both knew.”

Cheryl Gillespie Author of Tigger And Jasper’s New Home A Children's Book About Blindness ~ABOUT THE AUTHOR~

Cheryl Louise Gillespie, blind from early childhood, was born in Perth Andover, New Brunswick, Canada. Her family lived in Grand Falls and Woodstock before settling in Fredericton NB.

Tigger and Jasper’s New Home is a story of true events experienced by the author and her two cats. Cheryl wrote this book with the hope of introducing a blind character to young children in a humorous and gentle manner.

After graduating from Fredericton High School, Cheryl studied through the Royal Conservatory of Music and attained First Class Honours in piano, as well as in music theory and history. Private singing lessons have also been an important part of her music training.

In 1993, she was the recipient of the Stanley B. Cassidy Memorial Award, presented by The Fredericton Music Society, for her dedication to excellence and personal achievements. As a member of the Fredericton Music Teachers’ Association, Cheryl continues to teach piano lessons which has been her passionate devotion since 1986.

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Below: Illustration taken from Tigger And Jasper’s New Home 
Illustration taken from Tigger And Jasper’s New Home

Having a proud Acadian heritage from Church Point Nova Scotia, Michael Allison LeBlanc, was born and raised in Moncton New Brunswick, Canada.  After graduating from Polyvalent Mathieu-Martin, Dieppe NB with an Academic diploma, he continued his education in the arts program at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton.  He later received a diploma in Marketing in the Business Technology program at NBCC Moncton Campus in 1994.

A naturally talented musician in his own right, Mike also has a keen interest and appreciation of art and culture.  His genuine sensitivity, imagination, and special connection with kids, makes him the perfect choice as illustrator for Tigger And Jasper’s New Home.

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