The Journey of Special Education: Informational Posts to Get You Through by Nicole Bovell, ED.S. 

The Journey of Special Education: Informational Posts to Get You Through by Nicole Bovell, ED.S. 

Are you the parents of a child with special needs? This post introduces you to a wonderful resource to help you navigate your journey to get the best support and services to help your special child. This special needs parenting book is The Journey of Special Education: Informational Posts to Get You Through by Nicole Bovell, ED.S.

The Journey of Special Education by Nicole Bovell is divided in six sections with the following titles:

  • The World of Advocacy
  •  Know Your IEPs
  • Special Needs Children and Behavior
  • In the Classroom
  • Planning for Your Child’s Future
  • Real Life

Readers will also appreciate the APPENDIX titled: DISABILITIES – DEFINITIONS and the long list of SPECIAL EDUCATION ACRONYMS. Caregivers of children with special needs will refer often to the last part of Nicole Bovell’s book:

SPECIAL EDUCATION TERMS. Read the first two terms:
“A child with a disability”: A student who has been
evaluated for special education and is found to have a
disability, which results in the need for special education
and related services.
Accommodations: Changes to the environment, response
modes, curriculum format, or equipment that allows an
individual with a disability to gain access to content and/or
complete assigned tasks. Accommodations do not alter
what is being taught. Examples of classroom
accommodations might include extended time on quizzes
and tests, a copy of class notes, and written responses to
replace oral responses.

How do you know if your child is ready to be toilet trained? Have you ever wondered if you could build your own sensory room? Do you know what to add to your child’s “Sensory Box”? Need guidelines to select a summer camp for your child with special needs? Did you know you could implement a bullying prevention plan in your child’s IEP? Have you thought about what your child’s life plans are after graduation? These are but a few important topics covered in The Journey of Special Education! 

Guest Post by Nicole Bovell, ED.S. –  

The Journey of Special Education:

Informational Posts to Get You Through



The Journey of Special Education is a book compiled of informational posts that will give parents the confidence to advocate for their child, encourages parents to keep going even when things get too difficult and teaches parents about the right kind of advocacy.


As more and more children qualify for special education services, parents are finding it difficult to navigate their way through the special education system and appropriately advocate for their child. The Journey of Special Education was created to provide new and veteran special needs parents with essential information to make sure their child is successful in the school system no matter their ability or disability. This book gives essential information to help parents be the best possible advocate for their child.

Target Audience:

This book is for parents who have children with special needs and need more information about the special education process.

Excerpt from The Journey of Special Education: Informational Posts to Get You Through

What If My Child’s IEP is Out of Compliance:

Getting through an IEP meeting can be such a relief. You finally feel that you have a plan for your child and your child will now receive the services that they need. However, participating in the development or update in your child’s IEP is only the first part. The second part is making sure that it is being implemented appropriately. Sadly, this is where many parents drop the ball. They rely too much on the school system to make sure that their child’s IEP is being implemented, instead of staying in contact with your child’s teacher to make sure you know what is going on in the classroom. Once your child’s IEP is developed, the school district must provide the services listed in the IEP right away.


But what about parental involvement when it comes to students with disabilities?

Unfortunately, it is the same. Many parents of students with disabilities often struggle to get involved due to time constraints and/or a fear of not knowing how to help their child. The special education process can be very convoluted and confusing so parents often just rely on the school system. And while the school system is doing as much as they can for students with disabilities (in most cases), a lack in parental involvement will affect the development of an effective and successful IEP.

Accordingly, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) has already laid this foundation for parents:

“the parents of a child with a disability must be afforded an opportunity to participate in (IEP) meetings with respect to the identification, evaluation and educational placement of the child; and the provision of FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) to the child.”

Remember…it is your right as a parent to participate in IEP meetings. So utilize it!

About the Author 

Nicole Bovell Author of The Journey of Special Education: Informational Posts to Get You ThroughNicole Bovell, ED.S,  is a longtime advocate of the special education community. She is the author of The Journey of Special Education and How to Have a Great School Year, informational resources to help special needs parents with the special education process.

Nicole has her Masters of Arts in Special Education, an Educational Specialist degree in Teaching and Learning and over fifteen years of experience teaching and working with students who have a variety of disabilities. Nicole believes that early intervention is the key to helping children succeed and is passionate about educating young children. She also provides additional resources for special needs parents on her website

Nicole currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children. You can connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.



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