About Childhood Epilepsy – Milo’s Day At School by Shawnee Walker

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About Childhood Epilepsy – Milo’s Day At School by Shawnee Walker

Congratulations to Shawnee Walker for her informative, heartwarming, children’s book about childhood epilepsy titled Milo’s Day At School Shawnee Walker’s son was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2014. Ms. Walker has been an advocate for her son and other children with epilepsy ever since. Knowing how confused and afraid the young students in her son’s class were when Kaden had a seizure at school, Shawnee decided to write a children’s book to spread awareness of childhood epilepsy.

Shawnee Walker’s story is written to explain the fears children may have while witnessing a seizure. The readers learn what to do during a seizure by seeing what Milo’s teacher does to help him when he tells her he is not feeling well. Kids sharing this book in classrooms and daycares can then discuss childhood epilepsy.  If students can understand what happens and know what to do it is better for everyone. Talking about issues like epilepsy, Tourette syndrome, autism, etc. with children helps kids understand the challenges a friend with special needs may have.  Understanding leads to acceptance of a peer with different needs and behaviors. Shawnee thanks LeenGreenBean shop on etsy for helping her Milo character come to “life” and thanks her illustrator for creating Milo! 

Milo’s Day At School is beautifully illustrated by Shayna Nembhard. On her web site, Shawnee thanks LeenGreenBean shop on etsy for helping her Milo character come to “life” and thanks her illustrator for creating Milo!

Guest Post by Shawnee Walker

Milo’s Day At School 

Children’s Book About Childhood Epilepsy

Age Range: Great book to read to children ages 3-8. Information about epilepsy and what to do if someone has a seizure in a kid friendly language.

Description of Book

Milo’s Day At School is about a little boy named Milo who lives with epilepsy. Milo has a seizure at school one day and this book teaches children what a seizure is, what to do if someone has a seizure and how to have empathy for others. Author Shawnee Walker wrote the children’s book Milo’s Day At School because her son lives with epilepsy and she saw the need for the book, she thought it was important for children to learn about epilepsy.

Excerpts from Milo’s Day At School

Milo is just like any other kid. He likes to play and have fun. But sometimes he doesn’t feel well and just needs an adult’s help.

Some time went by and Milo’s eyes started to twitch, his body started to shake uncontrollably and all his friends were very, very scared.

Mrs. Daniel led the children out of the room while she called the nurse. She turned Milo on his side, looked at the time and put a pillow under his head so he wouldn’t hurt himself.

Seizures are when someone doesn’t feel well and they may need a doctor. Some shake, some just stare or twitch. If you ever see your friends do any of these things, be sure to tell an adult right away.

Bio of Author

Shawnee Walker author of a book about a Child with Epilepsy - Milo's Day At SchoolShawnee Walker was born in Berlin, MD but now resides in Delaware with her young son. She is the author of the book called “Milo’s Day At School”. Shawnee enjoys spending time with family, going to church, reading, and working with children at a elementary school who have special needs.

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