About Special Needs Book Review

Special Needs Book Review was originally a small part of the blog on KidCompanions.com. However, due to the interest and ever expanding nature of the KidCompanion blog, the reviews moved to their own website, www.specialneedsbookreview.com where book and CD reviews  could be further organised into appropriate categories and groups, giving opportunities for guest reviewers to submit their own reviews and also giving readers the opportunity to buy the books that are reviewed online.

A very popular feature we have on this site is our Author Interview Series. Each author answers seven questions formulated for each of them. These online interviews are just like extensions to their books. Parents can find advice and strategies from experts to help them raise their own children with special needs.

With Special Needs Book Review now in its own domain, we aim to provide parents and educators of special needs children an invaluable resource where they can read, search, comment and buy books that can directly benefit them and others.

 *Disclaimer – Folks  at Special Needs Book Review are not physicians or health care providers. We review books aimed at helping parents of special needs children. Personal opinions of individual authors or the contents of their books do not necessarily reflect the view of Special Needs Book Review. Please consult your physician if you have any medical concerns.

Lorna d’Entremont

I taught middle-school for our French school board for 30 years and though I am retired, I keep quite busy as my daughter’s business partner and specialSentioCHEWS  and KidCompanions Chewelry two chew necklaces designed by SentioLIFE Solutions, made in Canada, and sold on line at www.kidcompanions.com needs advocate. My daughter Pierrette in 2007 designed the sensory tool line, KidCompanions Chewelry, sourced in USA/Canada, made in Canada and sold all over the world! Our company name is SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. In November 2013, we launched a second chew necklace called SentioCHEWS. These are for more aggressive chewers. Both sensory oral-motor tool are sold at www.kidcompanions.com

Special needs interests me as a mother and grandmother of children with Tourette’s  sydrome and sensory perception issues. I have a blog for families and educators of children with special needs. I write about new research or studies concerning  children with special needs, evaluations of resources or accessories for special needs kids, tips and advice on parenting, and personal stories about the challenges our own family faced and now our grandchild faces. On our Special Needs Blog you will also find guest posts by experts on these same topics and posts written from the tweets during The Coffee Klatch Tweetchat sessions I monitored for a few years.

Other Interests:
I grew up in a rural area in Nova Scotia, Canada. One of my favorite subjects, as a student and a teacher, has been Geography. Early in my career, during our two months summer break, my husband and I, with two other teachers, tented across Canada and back. When our kids were 10, 11 and 15 yrs, my husband and I camped a summer with our three children through half a dozen European countries. My husband and I have gone to Europe two more times since then. Chatting with the people in each place we visit is the best part of the trips.

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