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[sws_toggle1 title=”I would like to see a review of a particular special needs book, but you dont have a review…”]

Please send an email to lorna@kidcompanions.com with the title of the book and the author and where possible we will try to add to our review list.


[sws_toggle1 title=”I am a reviewer and would like to submit a review to publish on Special Needs Book Review… can i do this?”]

Yes you can! If you would like to submit a review, please email us at lorna@kidcompanions.com so we can discuss it.


[sws_toggle1 title=”How do i get my 15% discount on Future Horizon books and free delivery in the continental USA?”]

All Future Horizon publications offer Special Needs Book Review readers an excellent 15% discount and free delivery to customers living in continental USA.

To get this fantastic offer, either click the “buy now” link in the review or visit our Book Store and click on the book you would like to purchase. You will then be taken to the Future Horizons store. Simply add the book to your cart and when you visit the checkout you will see a box asking for a Coupon Code (see image below) Enter the code KIDCOMPANIONS and you will receive your discount!


[sws_toggle1 title=”I am an author and would like my book reviewed by you. Can you do this?”]

if you are an author and would like your book reviewed, please send an email to me on lorna@kidcompanions.com

[sws_toggle1 title=”How does the rating work on SN Book Review?”]

The rating is ordered by 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars been the best review we can give. They can be split into the following categories;

1 Star – Poor, not worth reading
2 Star – Below average, may contain some good content, but overall poor.
3 Star – Average, a fair book that has good content relating to it subject
4 Star – A good book, definitely worth reading!
5 Star – An excellent book, essential reading for any parents of a special needs child!


[sws_toggle1 title=”What is KidCompanions”]

KidCompanions is the sponsor company of Special Needs Book Review. Kid Companions are a line by Sentio Life Solutions, based in Nova Scotia, Canada. This company was started in 2006 by a mother of 3, Pierrette d’Entremont, with a background in human kinetics and jewelry design.

With her growing children, the owner of Sentio Life Solutions noticed that her daughter, with Tourette Syndrome, SPD and OCD, very much appreciated a heart pendant she had made for her teething sister. She could fidget to focus discreetly and fashionably! Soon, we realized that other parents were looking for such accessories for their special needs children.

With some research we have now made a durable, colorful and safe necklace. Still sourced in North America, our materials are as economical (family friendly) as possible without compromising safety or social responsibility.

Safe, washable and colorful shapes are smooth and pleasing with a hard embossed “dot” surrounded by a rubbery heart or circle.

The pendants are chewable and should last 6-12 weeks, and more avid daily chewers 4-6 weeks. The lanyards are to hold the tool, not for chewing. If a child does chew fabrics, we recommend our undyed 100% organic cotton lanyard. It is durable and free of colorants and allergens.

The heart shape also has an added oval dip similar in shape and function as a worry stone, wonderful for some children.

A custom breakaway clasp will release and can be re-attached with ease. 18” or 20″ necklaces (lanyards) are made with durable 100 % organic cotton that is dyed in bright matching colors, or our newer undyed organic cotton mentioned above..

NEW! Now also available is our clip version on an 8 inch cord made of the same 100 % organic cotton.

They are safe, bpa, phthalate, pvc, lead and latex free accessories made for children-teens.

Kid Companions come in 5 heart colors and a black, white, or blue circle. Watch for new colors and contact us for updates.

You see the KidCompanions store HERE.


[sws_toggle1 title=”What is Sentio Life Solutions?”]

At SentioLifeSolutions, our goal is to help individuals be themselves and thrive. Our products also give parents of special needs children peace of mind while supporting their children. Our main product, Kid Companions Chewelry, is a medical device that functions as a chewable and wearable sensory tool for people with sensory issues. It is a discrete and age-appropriate alternative to traditional oral motor and manipulative tools.


[sws_toggle1 title=”What is Special Needs Corner?”]

Special Needs Corner is a unique product review website. The site is hosted by Pierrette d’Entremont, creator of the KidCompanions and mother of a special needs child, and James (“jamie”) Tobias a Web Designer (www.acreativefish.com) and Creative and Marketing director at BlueGlobe CA. Each week they play host to a special guest and review gadgets, gizmo’s and sensory tools for special needs kids.


[sws_toggle1 title=” I would like to buy a book that you have reviewed. How do i do this?”]

Most of the books are available through Future Horizons, Inc. and are listed in our “Book Store”. Where possible, we add links to the stores in the review. If you are still having problems getting hold of a book, please send an email to lorna@kidcompanions.com

[sws_toggle1 title=”I would like to advertise on the website. How do i do this?”]

If you wish to place and advertisement on the website, please contact pierrette@sentiolife.com


[sws_toggle1 title=”I would like to contact the website designer. How do i do this?”]

The website was designed and developed my Blue Globe Creative Agency. To contact them, please visit www.blueglobe.ca or email James on james@blueglobe.ca.

Additional graphical design was done by A Creative Fish. You can contact them at www.acreativefish.com or email hello@acreativefish.com

[sws_toggle1 title=”I still have a question… how do i contact you?”]

Simply fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you within 12-72 hours!

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